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Paul Reynolds is a qualified fitness professional (BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences, 2014) with over 10 years’ experience specialising in coaching for attaining a healthy lifestyle, fat loss, muscle building and strength and conditioning. Over the years he has worked with a wide range of people from absolute beginners to competitive athletes.
Paul has now launched a website, with a supporting app, to provide online personal training that’s made to fit his clients’ different lifestyles, helping them attain their own fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. His approach can help those focused on looking great for a special event such as a wedding, athletes in training for competition, or people with injuries and medical conditions for whom he can appropriately adapt various exercises.
As well personal training, Paul’s expert coaching includes developing and leading intensive group exercise programmes and instructing classes.
For more information, or to sign up to take advantage of Paul’s expertise, visit his website, or contact him directly by phone or email: 077 4954 9732 / [email protected]
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