Hi, I'm Dom Hannon, I live with my family in Newtownards in County Down, Northern Ireland.

My first love was drawing and painting. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed studying places, people and objects. Sometimes I would attempt to freeze a moment and capture the essence in an image be it with a pencil or a brush in my hand, other times I would let my imagination run riot and create fantastical images. Whichever my mood or purpose, the principles would be the same, employing a variety of media (mainly oil on canvas) to mimic light and recreate the desired texture and form. My camera was a compact used as a tool to capture images to remind me of details while painting, but as with love and life things change, develop, mature and grow. The emphasis of a relationship can shift, and this is what I have found with my art and photography. My compact still has its place, but I decided to take the leap to a DSLR and now get the same enjoyment and excitement using a lens as I did when I first learned how to draw and paint.

Living at the top of Strangford Lough, and with the Mourne Mountains just an hour away, I have a wealth of stunning landscape on my doorstep, areas that I intend to explore a lot more with my camera. Photography, compared to painting, has made so much more accessible. I am now able to observe more fleeting moments with people in the street, local markets or bars, as well as capturing the action in various sports.


I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society, and joined Ards Camera Club in 2016, and actively participate in club and NIPA competitions.

Operating from my studio at home I am currently specialising in portrait photography, especially maternity and new born shoots, as well as product images for web sites and brochures.