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Whether it is your first, or fifth, that time when you are waiting for the arrival of a new person into your life is incredibly special. Cracked Light's Bump to Baby packages capture those precious, fleeting moments.
Sessions can be in the studio, or the comfort and privacy of your own home.
"profile maternity portrait""maternity image""hands making a heart on baby bump""profile black and white maternity portrait""profile colour maternity portrait""profile maternity portrait""profile maternity portrait""Pregnant lady sitting in rocking chair""Pregnant lady sitting in rocking chair""baby's feet held by mum""tiny baby hand holding dad's finger""High Key", "Baby Portrait", "white background""baby's head resting on fathers hand""father and baby nose to nose""baby sleeping under muslin wrap""baby sleeping resting head on hands""Hammock white background""Hammock white background""candid natural light photo of dad with baby"