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You only get one chance to make a first impression, and Cracked Light aims to make that one chance your best chance. A high quality, contemporary portrait is an asset for any portfolio and helps convey who you are to potential customers or employers.
Whether for a professional portfolio, or a portrait for your wall, a headshot needs to show your personality in a still image and put you in your best possible light.
male "low key" "studio portrait" "black background"male "high key" "studio portrait" "white background"male "studio portrait" "grey background"female portrait "black background"female "studio portrait" "white background" "over shoulder pose"female "black background" "studio portrait"female "white background" "denim jacket" "studio portrait"older male "low key" "studio portrait" "black background"Male Profile Portrait Black Backdropfemale "black background" "studio portrait"female "white background" "studio portrait"female "grey background" "studio portrait"male "location shoot" profile "outdoor portrait"