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"Image is everything!" - Haruki Murakami, or if you remember the old Canon ads, Andre Agassi.
Approximately 88% of us base our decision to purchase on whether or not there is a visual representation of the product we wish to buy. The better the image, the more likely we are to decide to get the product, and the more we are likely to pay (eBay is a prime example).
Cracked Light's product photography rates are very competitive, and there are no minimum order quantities!
Polo shirt invisible mannequinBearingsCotter pinsRivetsNylon FixingsAluminium rivetsTie wrapsWire helical insertsFireman approaching a blazeTatoo on backBearings on a white backgroundWire insert strip with tool on white backgroundNut plate on a white backgroundBearing floating on a white backgroundNut bolt and washer on a white backgroundStandoff on a white backgroundTextured plastic product on a white backgroundInspection probeQuarter turn fastener floating on a white backgroundMachined aluminium component